About Us

From the Old times of Rishi’s, Muni’s, Mahamuni’s and Sage’s Ayurveda has been Practiced & Propagated in India and is the Oldest Documented System of Healing and Medicine hence is known as The Mother of all the Sciences.

Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad, India has been in the Health Care Service since 1999 and is working for the propagation of Ayurveda worldwide. Our Goal is to help spread the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda through our Treatments, Therapies, and Services & Ayurveda Research. We are also involved in formulating and developing special medicines for medically challenged and chronic debilitating diseases and disorders. We have been practicing this system of medicine through Research and Development with sincere care and have been appreciated by people from different countries. Our Institute is running in a very professional way with no compromise on Quality or Service.

Dr Kranthi Vardhan BAMS; MD (Ayu); MS (Psychotherapy & Counseling); (MBA) heads the Institute with his Wife Dr Madhuri Vardhan BAMS; M.D (Ayu) takes care of the clientele with utmost Care & Satisfaction. The masseurs and other Technical Staffs are Professionally Trained, Certified and Well Experienced. We maintain a close relationship with our clients and offer individualized Ayurvedic Health Care, Ayurvedic Therapies, Panchakarma Treatments, Rejuvenation Procedures, Beauty Therapies & Kerala Special Kalari Massages with great attention to personal customer service. We have had very satisfied customers all over the world and Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital has become a synonym with Ayurveda Treatments in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & India. We have branches at Rajahmundry, Kurnool. Vijayawada etc. To experience pure and real Ayurveda, there is nothing like Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital. COME DISCOVER WHAT A 5000 YEAR OLD SYSTEM OF NATURAL HEALTH & REJUVENATION CAN DO FOR YOU!!!

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Kranthi Vardhan Renukuntla BAMS; MD (Ayu); MS (Psycho Therapy & Counseling); (MBA) have started Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, in the year 1999 with an aim to provide high quality, personalized, compassionate & Purest hands-of Ayurveda (The Mother Of All The Sciences). His holistic approach enables him to create individualized programs, specifically tailored to your particular needs, integrating into your Ayurvedic Consultation, Nutritional and Life Style Counseling, Herbal Nutrition, Ayurvedic Therapies, Rejuvenation Procedures, Beauty Therapies, Therapeutic Kerala Special Kalari Massages, depending on your specific situation and goals. He is clinically trained to offer full Panchakarma programs and Panchakarma Therapies, and personally guide and supervise your process throughout your Treatments. Dr. Kranthi Vardhan has been instrumental in spreading the awareness of Ayurveda & through his Institute has achieved Success in Treating The SPINE and its Ailments without Surgery for more than 75000 patients till to date without recurrence.

Have also achieved Success in Treating the following Chronic, Uncurable and Debilitating Ailments using Ayurveda & Panchakarma principles & procedures through Research:

Sciatica, Slip disc, Herniated disc, Degenerated disc, Spondylosis, Skin Problems, Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma, Sexual problems, Infertility, Asthma, Allergies, Acidity, Ulcers, Digestive conditions, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Sinusitis, Migraine, Headaches, Paralysis, Neurological Problems, Motor neurone disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonism, Alzeimer’s, Cerebral palsy, Piles, Fistula, Liver conditions, Obesity, Arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gouty arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism, Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal calculi, Dandruff, Alopesia, IBS, Stress and strains, Loss of memory, Psychosis, Psycho somatic disorders, Sleeplessness, Menstrual cycle disorders, Gynaec conditions, Paediatric ailments, Ante natal and Post natal speciality care, Rasayana (The Life Extension Rejuvenation Procedures) Chikitsa, Vajikarana procedures.

Have launched the website for ayurvedic hospital and through this we have been educating the people about Ayurveda and are being a part of Globalizing Ayurveda. Was Instrumental in starting a Doctor-Patient Live Interaction Programme called "MEET YOUR DOCTOR" in TV9 Popular Telugu News Channel. I was the only Ayurvedic Doctor in hyderabad endorsed for the Programme for almost 4 years in which period I have talked about Ayurveda and the Disease Management & Rejuvenations and almost 120 programmes are aired live and thus am able to spread the awareness of ayurveda to the society.

After seeing Success in Tv9 we had similar programmes in all the TV channels like ABN ANDHRA JYOTHY, ETV, GEMINI, TV5, CVR HEALTH, HYTV, NTV, MUNSIF TV and ZEE TELUGU etc thus was a part of Spreading Ayurveda to each and every corner of the State of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Am a Registered doctor in Ayurvedaconsultants.com a website on Ayurveda where Doctors are on a platform discussing varied Cases and Experiences – Dr. Kranthi Vardhan has been voted as the No. 1 Doctor among 5000 odd Doctors for giving genuine, best and appropriate answers in all the discussions; voting is done by all the fellow Doctors and the Patients (80000) registered on the site. After seeing the sufferings of the patients with Spinal and Disc related conditions, we have established the FIRST EVER SCIATICA AND SPINAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE IN INDIA with an aim to cater the needs of the people with Speciality Treatments of the Spine through Ayurveda & Panchakarma. Reinvented the Concept of “MERU CHIKITSA” - ANCIENT AYURVEDIC SPINAL AND NEURO THERAPY and have been practicing it for the betterment of the society thus treating spinal disorders from the gross root level. It further enables patients to return to more active Life Styles.

Published many (>600) Articles related to ‘Ayurveda and Panchakarma’ in all the leading News Papers like Deccan Chronicle, Hindu, Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Vaartha, Namaste Telangana, Munsif and Siasat etc. Is a Regular Columist & Writer in Doctor’s Page of Andhra Jyothi Newspaper, published many useful articles on the following topics – Amavatam, Sandhi vatam, Ghridhrasi, Psoriasis, Erectile dysfunctions, Infertility, Sexual problems, Paralysis, Neck pain, Back pain, Sciatica, Slip disc, Meru Chikitsa, Spinal Ayurvedic Care, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Rasayana Therapy, Dinacharya, Ritucharya etc. Has also Participated in many National & International Seminars presenting many papers. He is already established and well known in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & India offering and helping people with all sorts of medical or health problems successfully. He has put his vast knowledge to offer solutions to modern health problems effectively & asserts that he will continue to perceive Ayurveda throughout his life.

For the Services rendered by him in the Field of Ayurveda, he has been Awarded many Appreciations, Accolades & Awards; The following are a few of them:

  1. "KRRISHI RATNA AWARD" For the Year 2005,
  2. "AYURVEDA TAPASWI AWARD" For the Year 2006,
  3. “VAIDYA RATNA AWARD” For the Year 2007,
  5. "ASIAN ADMIRABLE ACHIEVER AWARD" for the Year 2010,
  6. “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for the Year 2010,
  8. “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for the Year 2011 ,
  9. “VISISHTA SEVA PURASKAR” for the year 2011 &
  10. “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for the Year 2012.

Dr. Madhuri Vardhan BAMS; M.D (Ayu) plays many roles for the Institute: She is the Leading Ayurvedic Gynecologist & Obstetrician taking care of the Female Clientele with high percentage of results mainly in Infertility, Menstrual Disorders, Bleeding Problems, Pre & Post Menopausal Conditions, Ante Natal and Post Natal care & she also is the Administrator, Editor, Teacher & Manager nurturing her baby called Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital. She worked as Head of the Department, Prasuthi & Stree Roga in Sindagi Shantha Veereshwar Ayurvedic Medical College, Ijari Lakamapur, Haveri, and Karnataka. She has extensive experience with many Ayurvedic Treatment Principles, Procedures, and Healing & Therapeutic Practices that she has learned and practiced for many years.

For the service rendered by her in the field of Ayurveda, she has been awarded:

  1. “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for the Year 2010,
  2. “BHARATH MAHILA SIROMANI AWARD” for the Year 2010,
  3. “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for the Year 2011 &
  4. “VISISHTA SEVA PURASKAR” for the year 2011.

Our Motto in Life :

  • To Propagate Authentic & Shastroktha knowledge of Ayurveda, Ayurveda Panchkarma and Rejuvenation Therapies.
  • To Treat various Diseases & Disorders using the basic principles of Ayurveda and Panchkarma Therapy.
  • To Improve the Quality of Life for those with Chronic Ailments.
  • To Cure those various ailments where cure is not possible in other fields of Medicine through Research in Ayurveda.
  • To Educate common man and disseminate knowledge treasure of Ayurveda- The Mother of all the Sciences.
  • To Conduct Research and Educational Activities in understanding and advancing in the treatment of those chronic and debilitating conditions through Research in Ayurveda and Panchakarma.