According to Ayurveda, though diseases are of many kinds and they are produced mainly by disharmonies of the Tridoshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurvedic treatment aims at balancing these doshas, thus neutralizing the disease process and maintaining the body in the harmony of nature. More then to treat a disease, Ayurvedic treatments aims to achieve this universal holistic harmony. Allopathic Medicne merely treats external pathogens, only the symptoms, not the underlying causes. Balancing the doshas cuts off the root cause of the disease according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda thus, always brings us back to self-healing. 

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it gives each one of us the knowledge and the means to live in balance. It provides the right regimen for our particular type covering all aspects of our nature, physical, psychological and spiritual. 

‘Apari Sankhyeya Roga’ i.e ‘Diseases are countless’ according to Ayurveda. So the types of Chikitsa (Treatments) are also numerous right from Swastha Vritta (Fortifying the health of a Healthy Person) to Atura Vritta (Treating the disease of the Diseased).


“Shareerendriya satwatma samyoge dhari jeevitham!
Nityagatchanubhandhascha paryayai ayurutchathe!!”


‘Ayu’ is defined as a combination of Sarira (Body), Indriya (Senses), Satva (Mind), Atma (Soul). Ayurvedic scholars developed different types of treatments for the Body, Psyche, Spirit and the Senses. Equilibrium of these A simpler classification of Chikitsa is done for easy application of various Treatments and their procedures:




NIDANA PARIVARJANAM: Removal or avoiding the root cause of the disease.


PATHYA SEVANA: Pathya (Food) Sevana in tune with the disease samprapthi     is the baseline of treatment.






a) Sita Upachara b) Usna Upachara




a) Samsodhanam b) Samshamanam




a) Rasayana b) Vajikarana


Santarpana Chikitsa is the administration of Dhatu pustikara, Brimhana and other nourishing ahara, aushadha etc generally prescribed in Ksina, ksaya, conditions to promote dhatus and prasasta dhatus. Masha, Mamsarasa, Ksira, Satavari, Aswagandha, Ghritham etc are the examples of Santarpana Chikitsa.


Apatarpana Chikitsa also known as ‘Langhana Therapy’ is employed to activate sluggish dhatus and Agni caused by Ama influence or over nourishment of Brumhana dravyas. Laghu, Ruksha, Ushna dravyas constitute this therapy which cause the Laghavatva in the body.


Samshodhanam or Purificatory line of therapy consists of Vamana, Virecana, Vasti, Raktha Mokshanam and is undertaken when doshas are in highly provoked stage and the patient is physically and mentally fit. This is popularly known as Panchakarma, which is to be done under the specialist guidance and supervision only.


Samshamana Chikitsa is directed to regulate the Visama doshas to normal state without causing Dosha Utkleshana or Stimulation.


Ojaskara Chikitsa is directed for the promotion of OJUS the supreme essence of Sapta Dhatus to keep body, mind in a perfect healthy condition. It is again two types Rasayana Chikitsa and Vajikarana Chikitsa.


Roghagna Chikitsa main aim is to cure or relieve the disease. It is aimed at disease pathology to help break the Dosha Dushya Sammurchana through various means like Ahara, Vihara, Pathya and Purificatory Procedures.


Rasayana Therapy mainly contributes to the integrity of Rasadhi Sapta Dhatus and there by ensure Dhirghayu Or Longevity.


Vajikarana Therapy is indicated to promote Virility. The aim is to offer healthy offspring. The other benefits are immediate pleasurable excitement; increased seminal secretion and fortification of its fertile and productive qualities; confers Fame, Prosperity, and Strength etc.






YUKTHIVYAPAASHRAYA Chikitsa (Rational Therapy) &


SATVAAVAJAYA CHIKITSA (Psychological Therapy).


Daivavyapaashraya Chikitsa is a Spiritual type of therapy especially indicated in the problems, which are the effects of “Purvajanma” deeds. This therapy includes Mantra, Mani, Bali, Upahara, Praschitta and Swasthi Vachana. In this type Ayurveda asks to do Yajyas (The holy rituals), offerings to the natural powers and reciting the chants. 

Yuktivyapaashraya Chikitsa “Yukti” means, Rational Thinking; therefore the therapeutic measures undertaken, keeping in view of the dosha dushya sammurchana of any disease is called Yuktivyapaashraya Chikitsa. Samana, Shodhana, Nidana Parivarjanam etc comes under this. 

Satvaavajayaa Chikitsa
 is the therapeutics for the mental or emotional disturbances. This is secured best by restraining the mind from the desire for the unwholesome objectsand propogation of Gnana, Vignana, Courage, Memory and Samadhi or Concentration. All these measures help in having the control over mind.




SAMSHODHANAM (Purification Procedures or Panchakarma Treatments)


SAMSHAMANAM (Palliative Treatments or Medicine Treatments)


AHARA (Dietary Management or Pathya Sevana Krama) &


ACHARA (Life Style Modifications)




LANGHANA (Reducing Therapy)


BRUMHANA (Nourishing Therapy)


RUKSHANA (Drying Therapy)


SNEHANA (Oleation Therapy)


SWEDANA (Fomentation Therapy) &


STHAMBANA (Astringent Therapy)


Langhanam Therapy is thatwhich is capable of reducing the bulk of the body. It is prescribed for the persons, who are having corpulent, Strong body and who suffer from the diseases of Kapha, Pitta, Raktha and Mala combined with the vitiated Vata.


Brumhana Therapy is that which adds corpulence to the body. It is indicated in the persons suffering from Wasting, Emaciation, Old Age, Weakness, and Exertions etc.


Rukshana Therapy is that which causes Dryness, Roughness and Non-sliminess. Patients suffering from Sroto Avarodham, Domination of the aggravated dosha, Spasticity of Thighs (Urusthambham), Vata Raktha (Gouty) and Prameha (Diabetes) etc.


Snehana Therapy is that which causes smoothness, sliminess. It consists of administration of large amounts of Ghrutham, Taila, Vasa (Muscle Fat), Majja (Bone Marrow).


Swedana Therapy consists of giving hot Fomentation, which opens Srotasas.


Sthambhana Therapy is that which surely prevents mobility and flow of bodily substances. Patients with pitta Diseases, Kshara, Agni and those suffering from Vomiting, Atisara, Visa and patients of excessive fomentation are fit to undergo this Astringent Therapy.




VAMANA (Emesis)


VIRECHANA (Purgation)


NIRUHA VASTI (Kashaya Enema)


NASYAM (Nasal Insufflation)


PIPASA (Thirst)


VAYU (Exposure to Wind)


ATAPA (Exposure to Sun)


PACANA (Digestion of Ama)


UPAVASA (Fasting)


VYAYAMA (Exercise)


Salient Features Of Ayurvedic Treatment:


Natural and the Best health care system


Totally safe with Zero side effects.


It is based on personalized regimen for every individual.


Body, Mind, Soul & the Senses health system for long Creative Life.


Treats the Whole person and eliminates the Cause of the disease.


Emphasis in Social & Preventive medicine.


Effective treatments to Detoxify the body through Panchakarma.


Highly perfected Rejuvenation Treatments or Rasayana Chikitsa.


Herbal & Effective cure for the diseases.


Preventive as well as curative treatments.


It is a holistic approach toward Life, Health and Disease Management.


It helps individuals to lead a Healthier and Happier Life.