“The Art & Science Of Rejuvenation ”

Rasayana, The Art and Science of Physical, Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation, has been developed by Ayurveda to a level of sophistication and effectiveness known nowhere else.

Rasayana Therapy is The Science of Rejuvenation & Longevity. ‘Rasa’ has different meanings like ‘Juice’, ‘Taste’, ‘Essence’, ‘Flavor’, or ‘Emotion’. In Therapeutic process ‘Rasa’ is concerned with the Conservation, Transformation, and Revitalization of Energy.Rasayana Purifies, Nurtures and Revitalizes the constituent elements of the Body, Mind and Psyche with a series of Customized Therapies, Herbal Preparations, Vital Breathing Practices, Dietary Guidelines, and Daily Living recommendations. Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, Basheerbagh is presently re-researching this age old Elixir of Youth and Ancient Indian Science of Rejuvenation, Longevity and Physical Immortality.

Rasayana begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Kranthi Vardhan to assess your unique constitution (Prakuthi) and individual needs. The experience of Rasayana is one in which Time suspends. It is a journey which releases physical and emotional toxins and blocks at the same time as it nurtures and revitalizes your being in a unique pattern, transforming the intelligence of every cell to refine awareness of the Divine within.
Rasayana Therapy if used judiciously, according to the Subject's Prakruthi (Constitution), Agni (Metabolism and Digestion), Sathmya (Adaptability), Bala (Resistance to Disease), and Achara (Habits), can offer immense benefits.

Why Rasayana Therapy:

Fast paced Life, Skipping Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinners, Chinese/ Fast Foods/ Junk Food Cultures, Busy Schedules, Sleepless Nights, Competition & Complexity of Today’s World- in this process of hectic growth, We subject ourselves to all kinds of unlimited Physical & Mental Stresses which cause many Curable, Chronic, Degenerative and Uncurable diseases.
Rasayana, The Branch of Ayurveda dealing with health preservation thus helps in resisting and slowing down the aging process leading to everlasting Youthfulness, Vigour, Vitality and Mental Calmness.

Who should take Rasayana Therapy?

Computer Professionals, People who do Night Shifts, People working in BPO’s, Businesspersons, Housewives, People with - Sedentary Life Styles, Sitting Jobs, Standing Professions, Teachers, Receptionists etc. Those who want to stay Healthy; Live Long Life without Stress can undergo this Rasayana Therapy.

Benefits / Aims of Rasayana:

“ Dirghamaayu smritimedhamaarogyam tarunam vayaha
Prabha varna swaraudaaryam dehendriyam balam param!
Waaksiddhim pranatim kaantim labate va rasayaanat
Labho paayo hi sastaanaam rasaadinaam rasayanam!! ”
(Ch. Chi. 1/8)

The Rasayana Therapy enhances the qualities of Rasa, enriches it with nutrients. With such enriched excellent Rasa, one attains Dirghamaayu (Long Life / Longevity), Smriti Medha (Memory and intelligence),Arogyam (Good health), Tarunam Vayaha (Youthful Age), Prabha Varna (Glowing skin), Swara Oudaaryam (Modulated voice), Dehendriyam Balam Param (Optimum Strength of Physique and Sense Organs), Waaksiddhim (Mastery over Phonetics),Pranatim (Respectability) and Kaantim (Brilliance).
Rasayana as a concept of Ayurveda, encompasses diverse beneficial effects such as Rejuvenation, Anti-aging, Anti-degenerative, Anti-oxidant, Anti-stress, Immuno-modulatory Activities, Adaptogenic and finally, is a Memory booster.

The Effects of Rasayana:

Considering the Ayurvedic Concepts of Physiology Rasayana Agent promotes nutrition:

1. By Direct Enrichment of the Nutritional quality of Rasa (Nutritional Plasma) Example - Satavari, Milk, Ghee etc.
2. By Promoting Nutrition through Improving Agni (Digestion & Metabolism) Example - Bhallataka, Pippali etc.
3. By Promoting the Competence of Srotas(Micro Circulatory Channels in the body) Example -Guggulu.

The Objectives of Rasayana:

1. Maintaining Youthfulness and Physical health,
2. Resisting and slowing down the Aging process,
3. Postponing death until one reaches Spiritual perfection.
The Treatments like Abhyangam, Swedam, Siro dhara, Pizhichil (Sarvangadhara/ Kaya Seka), Elakizhi (Patra Potali Pinda Swedam), Navarakizhi(Shali Shastika Pinda Swedam), Vasthi Karma etc aid in Rejuvenation. They are to be done under strict medical supervision only.